Care for your EdTech in the best possible way! 

Avoid damage due to improper cleaning methods
Prevent device downtime and failure
Make EdTech maintenance easier for everyone!

The best features for your EdTech 



That is exceptionally strong and soft, extremely low-linting and great at lifting dirt.



Pharmaceutical grade formula that contains the recommended alcohol concentration to disinfect by the CDC (70%).



To stay moist, hygienic
and convenient 
anywhere, anytime.

iCloth Wipes are also: 

Get all your sensitive tech spotless in seconds!  





VR Headsets

Here's what your peers have to say about  iCloth: 

See what other educators are saying!

... We were all shocked to see the amount of dirt that the iCloth was able to get. What a difference...

Lisa S.

Grade 6/7 Teacher School District 42, BC

...The kids were easily able to open the package, spread out the wipe and clean away...

Victoria F.

Education Assistant Eric Langton Elementary School, BC

... My grade 5/6 students were amazed at how clean they were able to get their iPads...

Sarah F

Grade 5/6 Teacher

...Our end-of-year inventory staff reports that they work great for a wipe down of lots of devices...

L. Tickle

Building Technology Coordinator Ben Franklin Academy, CO

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Ivy League Schools are our customers 

We also help these schools maintain their tech

We're committed to providing the best customer experience!

We’ve created the 5-STAR EXPERIENCE EMPTY-BOX GUARANTEE to ensure that your experience with our wipes is outstanding

If for any reason you received a defective product that did not meet the promised expectations, we want to know about it and we want to make it right!

Best Practices for Cleaning
Technology in the Classroom 

Hand out individual wipes and get students involved in cleaning their own tech devices.

Clean your shared classroom tech resources at least twice daily. 

Store iCloth wipes in the photocopy room for easy access when needed. 

Have teachers collect iCloth wipes and their packaging, and have them dispose of them in our Zero Waste Box placed in a central location in the school.

Include a caddy or bin on your tablet/Chromebook charging carts to house our XL wipes (1 XL wipe will clean 10-20 devices!). 

Once the iCloth wipes are dry, if not too soiled, store them in a resealable bag and use them as a dry shop cloth (does a great job picking up spills).

Plan in advance and order in bulk to reduce waste and always have products on hand.

Our XL wipes offer a reliable and time-saving way to clean all of the devices collected during Device Collection Season. 

Do you have any questions about iCloth Wipes 


iCloth wipes do not have an expiration date.

A properly packaged iCloth will remain ready to use indefinitely, as the wipes are hermetically sealed in a protective film that ensures they are moist and ready to work when needed.

All iCloth products are backed by our 5-Star Empty-Box guarantee, so if any wipes seem to have expired, we would like to know and make it right!

Both iCloth wipe formulas contain isopropyl alcohol, which as everyone knows, is a germ killer. But we won’t sell you the cloth as a disinfectant because we won’t be anything but straight with our customers.

To get optimal clarity and safety for sensitive surfaces, we’ve put the percentage of isopropyl alcohol in our Premium Screen Cleaning formula at slightly lower than required (below 30%) for us to feel comfortable making germ-killing claims.

Our newest iCloth 70% IPA formula contains 70% isopropyl alcohol, which meets the amount required by the CDC to disinfect effectively.

This said—both iCloth formulas WILL physically remove all the guck and grime harboring any pathogens. It’s like cleaning your hands with soap and water - the dirt will be gone and you will see the clean!

Optical clarity. Simple. Effective. Safe. iCloth Premium Screen Cleaning Wipes and 70% IPA Cleaning Wipes clean, optimize and refresh your delicate optical surfaces. Some helpful info:
iCloth wipes are:

  • Aerospace-approved, non-scratch, non-paper fabric
  • Precision-loaded with harmless isopropyl-based fluid - brings your optical surfaces back to a streakless, grime-free shine
  • Packaged individually and hermetically. Handy, one-step process you can store indefinitely
  • Available in three sizes (depending on the formula) to effectively clean either small, medium, large or extra-large surfaces
  • Proudly made in America and with the highest-quality ingredients. No scrimping. Excellent quality control

  • Safely removes contaminants from sensitive optical surfaces
  • Restores your optical surface to its out-of-the box shine
  • Safely limits future contaminants with a lipophobic and hydrophobic charge
  • Ensures you’re not working through a haze of disgusting grime

In the USA, get your iCloths here on our site and through Amazon. In Canada, go to Staples (Bureau en Gros), Costco, Grand & Toy, Rona, or Archambault.

Yes. All coated surfaces on eyeglasses or electronic devices are safe. Period.

Our wipes contain isopropyl alcohol which, as everyone knows, is a germ killer. To achieve optical clarity on sensitive surfaces, our Premium Screen Cleaning Wipes use a formula containing 22% to 28% pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol, which is safe to use on all your screens and devices. Our new 70% IPA cleaning wipes use a formula that contains 70% pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol, making them ideal for situations where you require a cleaner clean - as the CDC* requires 70% isopropyl alcohol to disinfect effectively. We don't feel comfortable making germ-killing claims, however, we can confidently claim that your iCloth will physically remove the guck and grime harboring any pathogens! It's the equivalent of washing your hands with soap and water ... but for your devices. We have performed some lab tests recently that show our wipes to be very effective at removing germs and bacteria from surfaces though. In early results, at least a 98% reduction in organic materials (like e.coli and staph.) was noted. We don't have the results for Covid-19 yet. Our product, unlike many disinfectant cleaning wipes, leaves the surface optically clean as well. The surface not only looks clean but is clean too!

We intend our product to be used in the cleaning and removing of contaminants from surfaces where optical clarity is crucial to performance. Our formula was developed to easily lift grime, germs, and bacteria from these surfaces so that they can be disposed of. Using iCloth is like washing your hands with soap and water with the added benefit of either 22% to 28% Isopropyl alcohol in our Premium Wipe formula or 70% in our new 70% IPA Wipe formula. We have performed some lab tests recently that show our wipes to be very effective at removing germs and bacteria from surfaces. In early results, at least a 98% reduction in organic materials (like e.coli and staph.) was noted. We don't have the results for Covid-19 yet. If you need to, and there is no soap and water around, you could certainly use our products to clean your hands. We have used them to clean our and our kid’s hands.

We made our name in the no-excuses, life-or-death aviation industry. But now optical surfaces, especially touchscreens, are everywhere. So we’re hearing back from healthcare, hospitality, schools, and government. Who doesn’t want to work with the cleanest screen possible?

  • Eyeglasses
  • Laptop screen/keyboards
  • Smartphones
  • GPS displays
  • Gaming Devices
  • Tablet & touchscreens, Kindles and Kobos
  • Camera lenses and displays
  • TV screens (plasma, LCD, CRT)
  • Copier and scanner windows
  • In-flight entertainment touchscreens

Android smartphones, Tablets, Chromebooks, eReaders, Apple iPhones, Apple iPad Minis, Apple iPods, Macbooks, keyboards, laptops, tablets, 4K LED, 3D TV’s, HDR TV’s, LCD Screens, remote controls, Nintendo switches, Nintendo 3DS’s, Xboxes, PS4 Controllers, VR Goggles, desktop computers, gaming PC’s, PS4 Controllers, electronics accessories, sunglasses, small mirrors, eyeglasses, smarthome devices.

X-Ray machines, touchscreen displays, workstations, monitors, tablets, goggles, visors, desktops, handheld monitors.

Avionics displays, IFEs (in-flight entertainment), HUD (Heads up Display), glass panel screen, radar, EFBs (Electronic Flight Bags – iPad, Android or Windows Surface Tablet), GoPro Camera, Avidyne, Thales, Garmin (including G1000), Seattle Avionics, steam gauges and all modern avionics.

Scanners, printers, tablets, Microsoft Surface convertibles, desktop workstations, PCs, Apple Computers laptops, chromebooks, smartphones, handheld interfaces, whiteboards, iPads, touchscreen kiosks.

In-car computers, laptops, handheld devices, vehicle display, toughbooks, radar displays, visors, fingerprint scanners, desktops, tablets, camera and monitor systems.

POS (Point of Sale) Systems, tablets, kiosks, customer-facing technologies, games, menu display monitors.

Start in the build-up areas around the frame of your screen; wipe in straight motions, pulling contaminants away from these areas. Then, hold the wipe flat and wipe the screen from right to left, applying even but not excessive pressure. Flip the wipe, repeat as necessary. (For large screens, try our larger iCloth Avionics Wipes)

Holding the iCloth flat, wipe the screen surface from top to bottom in a straight downward motion. Repeat across the width; this will remove all the dirt, grease, and grime off your screen. Or, try the zigzag method, cleaning in a back-and-forth motion covering the entire display. As many e-readers have an inset screen, first clean around the edges and any build-up areas. Flip the wipe, repeat as necessary.

Holding the iCloth flat, wipe your iPhone surface from top to bottom in a straight downward motion. This will clean all the dirt, grease, and grime off your screen. Flip the wipe, repeat as necessary.

  • Do: Always begin by removing any abrasives (sand, grit, anything that could scratch the surface) and unplug cable and power down
  • Don’t: Rub in circular motion or Apply excessive pressure

The cleaning formula for our premium screen cleaning wipes contains between:

  • 75% - pharmaceutical grade purified water
  • 24% - pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol
  • >1% - Proprietary components (Our secret formula!)
  • The cleaning formula for our 70% IPA cleaning wipes contains:
  • 70% - pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol
  • 30% - pharmaceutical grade purified water
  • Our pre-moistened wipes are designed to safely cut the grease from finger smears and remove dust and grime from all sensitive optic surfaces, ranging from glass to touchscreens and panel displays. The formulas do not contain any:
  • Screen-damaging NPEs, silicone or ammonia
  • Ethyl alcohol (which can damage surfaces)
  • Nothing that can harm protective coatings, metals or plastics
  • Simple yet safe and effective. The optimum combination of safety and effectiveness: Our Premium Screen Cleaning Wipes Contain:

  • 75% - purified water
  • 24% - pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol
  • >1% - proprietary components (our secret formula!)
  • Our 70% IPA Cleaning Wipes Contain:
  • 70% - pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol
  • 30% - pharmaceutical grade purified water
  • Both Formulas Do NOT Contain Any:
  • Screen-damaging NPEs, silicone or ammonia
  • Ethyl alcohol (which can damage surfaces)
  • Nothing that can harm protective coatings

  • Only the very best. The wipe is fabric, not paper. That’s important because paper can scratch. And iCloth’s not just any fabric. It’s an aerospace-approved fabric non-woven blend. Super soft yet tough, and subject to a meticulous purification process, there’s nothing there to leave streaks on your surface.

    You are safe trusting your delicate surfaces to us. This is what we do, and we do it right here in North America. We are: years of R & D, the highest quality materials, stringent quality control. We won’t let you down. Willing to risk it to save a few bucks? Watch out for paper-based wipes that might harm your surface and won’t hold the cleaning fluid, or components in the fluid – named or unnamed – that could do some real damage.

    • You’re the customer. YOU know how a business succeeds – offer top quality, a great price, then back it up. That’s what we do.
    • And guess what? We don’t run expensive media campaigns or spend big money on advertising. Yet we’ve sold more than 200 million wipes. Why the success?
    • Because our customers appreciate our commitment to offering them the best. That commitment builds trust. And that trust gets communicated to friends, family and coworkers. The grapevine.
    • Our business grows because you’re happy. That’s a win-win relationship we’ll never take for granted.
    • So we don’t just guarantee our product. We guarantee your entire experience with our product… and we guarantee it until your box is empty.
    • Here’s the deal. You are our guarantee for continued success. So If for any reason, you wouldn’t enthusiastically recommend our products to the people you care for, we want to know about it.
    • This guarantee is transferable, inheritable and inexhaustible… until the box is empty.

    We are still here for you… We just may need to have you send more information about your experience, maybe a picture of the product, the box and your smiling face so we know you’re human

    • No! We are with you all the way… Registering just makes the process easier and lets us stay in touch with occasional news, discount codes, early product releases and maybe… gifts
    • You’ll be automatically registered if you buy the product from our website.
    • If you buy our product off-line or from Amazon or another online retailer: We will only want to know your name, email, item number, when and where you bought it… that will help us track back to the shipment and production batch.
    • If it was a gift… congratulations! Someone really likes and appreciates you
    • We will only want to know your name, email, item number, and when you received it.
    • We use only the best materials we can source… not the cheapest.
    • Our products are manufactured on extremely accurate and reliable machines.
    • We ensure that our partners throughout the supply chain and manufacturing process constantly monitor production so that quality issues are immediately recognized and dealt with.
    • Our wipes are made by really proud people who want to make sure that you get only the best.
    • We focus on stopping defects before they get in the package and near your hands. As a result we have a very low defect rate and have enjoyed a deserved reputation as a reliable producer of quality products
    • Could you still end up with defective product? Yes, of course. It still happens… the machines are fast and the people are people. And in that very rare circumstance – we will be so very grateful if you let us know.

    Our wipes are made with very fast and very accurate machines, which perform the following processes to exacting standards:

    • Form the pouch
    • Cut the cloth
    • Insert the cloth
    • Dose the cloth with the proper amount of formula
    • Seal the pouch hermetically
    • Separate the pouches from the line and drop them on the belt

    Something can potentially go wrong at any step in this process. If it does, we have caring people there to check it. The machine operator is constantly monitoring the machine to make sure that it is working well. Then the products are hand-inspected and weighed prior to insertion in the final package. Batch samples are taken multiple times per shipping tray, or case, and given a thorough quality investigation. If any problems are discovered, production is stopped, the issue is resolved or the defective product is removed. All product manufactured immediately before and after are also thoroughly inspected before being released. We are constantly improving the process to bring the chance to zero that defective product reaches you…… it is rare… but it can happen.

    We estimate that our defect rate is less than 0.01% (Calculated based on one of our SKUs selling 200,000 units in 2017. We had less than 20 complaints of defective product. We estimate that only 1 of every 10 (understandably annoyed) people will contact us and give us the chance to make it right, leaving 200 potential defective units)

    On the rare occasion that the machine is not working properly, the following types of defects can slip by production:

    • Dry wipes. If one of the three valves isn’t firing properly, you can have a group of wipes that are not dosed with liquid and are completely dry… or potentially below our prescribed fill rate. These wipes will not work well and will smudge your screen. You will not be happy and neither will we. Should you experience this, contact us and let us fix it

      Empty pouches. If the towel misfires and doesn’t make it into the pouch, you will have an empty pouch with formula only. Opening these pouches will make nothing but a mess. If you experience this… contact us and let us fix it.
    • Lint. The material we use is extremely low linting and should not leave lint on your surface. This is very difficult to catch in production but can happen if the knives that are used to cut or splice the material are not sharp enough. If you experience a lint problem please contact us and we’ll make it right.

    Splice. This is the rarest defect! We are considering offering a reward for anyone who finds this defect. In 15 years we have only seen it 2 or 3 times…. You will get a pouch that has a wipe that is sewn or taped together in the middle. This is harmless but NOT what you ordered

    This glitch happens when productions of the cloth are put together on one machine roll. This is a one in 100 million kind of situation. If it happens to you… let us know and we will shower you with product!

    You're helping us to create meaningful change

     in the world through our three main initiatives 

    • Reducing waste created by the wipes via our zero waste program
    • Reforesting devastated watershed areas around the world
    • Funding loans to help people improve their well-being and build stronger and healthier communities
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